• Dave’s is GREEN! We recycle over 95% of our wash water.
  • The sun is your vehicle’s worst enemy. Dirt and contaminants become more harmful when under the sun’s rays. The most effective way of preventing damage is to visit Dave’s regularly.

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About Dave's

Dave's Mission is to provide an ECO-Friendly, high quality car wash in a clean cordial environment at an affordable price. We strive to stay green by recycling our waste. In fact, we recycle over 95% of the water we use!

We opperate in two locations throughout Chesterfield, Virginia. Click here for directions

Dave's is a “hybrid” wash - a combination of friction and touchless. Soft cloth “mitts” target specific areas of a vehicle. A consistent amount of foaming cleansers,water, and pressure provide the most effective car wash possible. Combined with Dave’s professionally trained finishers, your vehicle will be as clean as we can make it.

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